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About Tailie

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Who is Tailie?

Tailie is here for every online shopper that struggles with choosing the right size. It's the most accurate online sizing service in the world. Tailie uses your own, exact body dimensions and the actual dimensions of clothing. It's like having a virtual tailor in your pocket!

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Which brands are connected to Tailie?

Tailie has just been launched and is growing fast. More and more new brands are being added. We will keep you informed of this! You can use your customized size passport in all affiliated shops. If your favorite brand isn't among them yet, you can already use your body measurements to read size charts in the web shop.

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Why does Tailie exist?

First of all to provide consumers with a useful tool that helps them order the right clothing size based on exact body measurements. This app originated from the frustration experienced by many when buying clothes. What's my size? And how do I know if I'm ordering the right size? Tailie takes all the guesswork out of shopping online, when customers try to decide on the right size. Tailie is also there to improve the environment. With Tailie, we try to reduce returns. This makes for fewer transport and less CO2 emissions.

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Why is Tailie better for the environment?

The daily flow of returns is a growing problem. Especially in the clothing industry. The most important cause of a return is receiving the wrong size. Our service has been developed with the idea of ​​always giving the right size advice based on exact data. With this we want to be part of a solution for this growing problem.

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Why is Tailie useful?

Tailie ultimately saves you a lot of time, hassle and money. You spend less time returning packages or trying on different sizes. Returning clothes is often not free either. And you're helping the environment: the less we send back, the less CO2 emissions. With Tailie you only have to create a tailor-made passport once, and you can then use it everywhere.

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How much time do I save with Tailie?

Creating a customized passport takes between five and eight minutes. While returning a single order - packing, shipping, delivery - takes much more time and effort. What if you almost never have to return clothing because it doesn't fit? That'll save you a lot of trips to the post office!

How it works

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How does the Tailie service work?

Tailie compares your actual body dimensions with the exact information about the dimensions and fit of the clothes you want to buy. You don't have to delve into the different sizes that brands use. And that is useful, since these sizes can vary considerably. So with Tailie, you no longer need to use complicated size tables. Tailie does all the work for you! The Tailie service consists of two components. It's an app with which you can measure your body measurements, and it's a button in the connected web shops that asks Tailie which size fits you best. With your digital tailor-made passport, you will always find the right size.

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For which operating systems is Tailie available?

Tailie is available for both Android (versions ..) and iOS (versions...).

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Do I have to re-measure for each store?

No, you measure once and can then use your passport in all affiliated shops. That's what makes Tailie so easy to use!

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What happens with my photos?

The photos are only used in the app to make your size passport. After that, it is up to you whether you want to save these photos, or not.

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How much does it cost to use Tailie as a consumer?

Using Tailie is free.

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I lost/gained weight: what to do?

We recommend updating your passport once in a while. Body dimensions can change of course. We will remind you of this occasionally.

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I'm having trouble taking the pictures...

Taking the photos is done in pairs. If you follow the instructions in the app carefully, very little can go wrong. If you, after creating your size passport, are not certain it's done right, feel free to try again.

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What's the best way to take the pictures?

Follow the instructions carefully. Pay close attention to your clothing, body position and distance. Does the button stay red? Then you're not holding your phone straight enough. Try to tilt your phone as straight as possible in portrait mode, until the button turns green and stay within that frame. Ask a friend to help you and read the instructions carefully beforehand. Following the instructions of the digital tailor is very important. If you do not follow the instructions of our digital tailor, then we cannot determine your body dimensions properly and Tailie cannot help you choose the right size.

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What kind of clothing should I wear in the photos?

Form-fitting, such as tight sportswear. Take off your shoes and socks and wear long hair up. Do not wear loose-fitting clothing, because the app can't see the contours of the body properly that way.

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Can I take the photos by myself?

Unfortunately no, not yet. This process is currently done by two people. The quality of the photos is better and your size passport more accurate.

Other questions

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How does the Tailie app work?

First, you download the Tailie app and take two photos from the side and back of your body. This should be done in tight, fitted clothing, so that the app can measure the contours of your body very precisely. This is harder in clothes that fit losely, like shirts , t-shirts and bermuda's. These photos are not shared with other parties. Then, you drag a couple of virtual pin points in the right place; our app guides you through this. After this, all dimensions are measured via a complex algorithm and a customized passport is linked to your account. From now on, you can use Tailie in all affiliated web shops. And if you still need to use a size chart, you always have them available in your passport.

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How can I use Tailie when I'm shopping online?

You can find our button at affiliated shops. If you already have a profile, you can sign up here and the correct size will be automatically selected. If you don't have a profile yet, download the app first and create a customized size passport.

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The clothes I ordered still don't fit...

This can have several causes. Clothing can sometimes fit differently due to stretchability, or maybe the dimensions of the clothing entered by the brands turn out to be slightly different in reality. Also check if your size passport is accurate. Have you followed all the instructions correctly? Think about the clothes you were wearing, if your posture was right, etcetera. Create a new customized passport if necessary. We can also help you with this!

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Sizes differ per brand: how can you advise the right size?

Tailie does not look at the size, but at the exact dimensions of both your body and the clothing, and determines which size best fits you based on this data.

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Tailie advises me a different size than what I usually buy...

Sizes differ per brand, even within the same brand. Tailie is developed to select the right size based on exact data.

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What kind of clothing can I use Tailie for?

You can use Tailie for all kinds of clothing. Like shirts, dresses and pants, but also shoes or lingerie.

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My favorite brand doesn't use Tailie yet ...

Tailie is growing fast and more and more brands are integrating our sizing service. Is your brand not one of them yet? Let us know via email or social media and hopefully we add them to our services soon! In the meantime, you can already use your size passport to read the size charts properly.

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Is my data shared with other online stores?

No, your body dimensions are kept securely in your digital passport and are not shared with others. The match between your dimensions and the clothing is performed on a separate, secure server. Only the details of the clothing size chosen by Tailie are sent back to the store.

Do you have a different question?

Please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. Send an email to

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